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Can I add you as a friend?
SURE! Go on ahead. The more the merrier. :)

How did you make the icon table?
Before I used to type out the entire html code by myself but now I use the icon table generator. It saves so much time!

I saw your post in (insert icon community) but the screen names don't match up...
I'm also known as memaz985. We're the same person so reporting about plagiarism between memaz985 and tropic_icons isn't needed. =) And don't freak out if you comment and get a reply by memaz985. Again, it's just me. I just wasn't aware I was on that sn and not tropic_icons. roman_pirate is, in fact, my regular good ol' journal.

Do I need to credit you?
If you do take these icons I want you to credit with tropic_icons in the keywords. Crediting, for me, is a form of redistribution; it's just a way of letting other users know who made the icon. I know I have seen users with amazing icons and when I check their user info they don't have the icon creator credited so I can't see the rest of the icon collection made by said-unknown creator! By crediting me you'll give others a chance to see not only who made the icons but the rest of the collection as well. :) Also, making icons can take a while for me if my muse is not working with me or if I am making a minimovie/animated icon. THOSE can be quite the little buggers... But, really, it's all about redistribution. :)

How do I credit you?
Like so:

Do I REALLY need to comment?
Well, I would like to know where my icons are going. That and I'm a comment whore. The more the comments, the more I squee. But to answer your question, I will not release the hounds should you decide not to comment.

Can I just link your icons?
Please... NO hotlinking. It's a bummer when bandwith exceeds and you can't post icons for over a month and have the lovely "BANDWITH EXCEEDED" banner all over the journal. It sucks for me because I can't post icons without making another account and it sucks for the users because they can't see the icons I have posted. Merci! =)

I really love your mood themes! Where can I get them?
Want mood themes? They are located here: tropic_themes. In the past I have posted my mood themes in this journal. But it really got all too confusing and started to jam up my yahoo mail account. Announcements will be made in this journal, but I will not post them here. I made tropic_themes for my LJ mood themes. It will be updated periodically whenever I have a break from school.

Where did you get that brush?
Brushes and Gradients by: stripped_s0cks, xonlyashesx, ___candyrain, 77words, carbon_paper, xswaniconsx, pale_septembre, dactyliotheca, perfectlyflawed, feikuai, impari, whatever_stuff, rainharbour, sir, shoegal_icons, radon, cdg, inxsomniax, latex, ohpaintbrush, michmellow, ohfreckle, lucide_icons, goldbrokenheart, unmasked_icons, innocent_lexys, below_blues, eirenealetheia, cielogris and tsukicon. All were acquired from photoshopextras, brush_fanatic and 100x100_brushes as well as hyprid-genesis, Scully7491, tre-xture and Quebelly. If you see one of your borders on my icon.. but your name isn't here, please tell me! I know how much credit is appreciated and I feel horrible if I use your border without the credit.

I really like how you did your icons. How did you do that?
Check my memories for really nifty tutorials. These are basically designs I could never think of on my own and styles I have found on LJ that I really like. As for the settings I use for my icons, I usually use Exclusion, Overlay or Multiply. I sometimes use Color/Linear Burn. Most of the colors I use are dark (navy, gold, deep purples) and flesh tones (peach, light yellow, etc). I also play around with the Selective Colors and Color Balance options.

Do you take requests?
No... not really...

Where do you get your caps?
I take the caps for the icons myself by using the PowerDVD program. cap_it is the place to go if you do not have the capability of taking caps for yourself. Other sources: Getty Images.